Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Skepticism is Overflowing

From an interesting blog

An issue that got me revved up this fine morning. An opinion worthy that had me cook up a litany.

Let's take one issue at a time; keep in mind that these issues are gonna be the center of this response.

1. Marriage is a two-way street.

** Sure. Did they date? Fell in love? Went steady for a couple months? Or did their husbands pay substantial amount to have these women join them in matrimony? Marriage is a two way street for people who fell in love. Human nature dictates that when you pay for something, it's yours. Apparently it evolved from something to someone. Unfortunately, if husbands pay, they do not expect their "wives" to talk, just do their responsibilities.

*** The women who married mentally handicapped men; how did that happen? Did they meet through common friends, fell in love and went to Korea? While my heart goes to them and their misfortunes, I can't help but wonder: HOW COME THEY DIDN'T KNOW BEFOREHAND THAT THEIR FUTURE HUSBANDS WERE MENTALLY CHALLENGED? whose fault is that? 

**** And as for culture: The country that the couple resides would be the culture to follow. If a Canadian man marries a Korean woman, and they decide to live in Canada, is he going to follow his wife's culture? Or his wife's going to make the necessary adjustments in order to attain the necessary knowledge of the country? Are they to celebrate BOTH Korean thanksgiving AND Canadian thanksgiving?

>> But if this Canadian man decides to live in Korea, his household might be a bit different. His children may carry his name, but everything else will bear Korean culture. And HE is the one trying to follow his wife's culture.

***** Language is not optional. It's a necessity. Again with the Canadian man and his Korean wife; if she cannot speak sufficient English, how is she to survive in Canada?

2. 1.1 Million KrW spouse salary requirement (not even a high school grad minimum wage)

** Let me ask: What is minimum wage? Something level for undergrads? Minimum wage is salary fro the NORMAL WORKERS, and 1.1 KrW is not it. Minimum wage for men are different from minimum wage of women. The minimum wage that the government requires is a salary of an employee who works overtime. A diligent woman.

*** Not to mention, if a migrant wife comes to Korea, and something goes wrong, she is supposed to work. How can she work something decent if she earned something smaller than a very small wage? This is part of an office norm: WHEN YOU APPLY FOR A JOB, THE COMPANY SHOULD GIVE YOU A HIGHER SALARY THAN YOUR PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT. The government is looking out for what's RIGHT for a change.

3. What's so special with matchmaking agencies and they cannot abolish it?

** Do you read the papers, hun? ONE: Korea has a VERY LOW birthrate, and a VERY HIGH number of old people. If not for migrant wives bearing children, Korea's gonna be in a rut in a couple of decades. TWO: Korean women had become so picky with their partners that Korean men have no other choice left but to resort to this. Their culture requires them to marry. MEN are supposed to get married, have kids, raise a family. But women nowadays opt for career and freedom. And the power lies there. WOMEN set very high standards, so high that an average Korean man will be disheartened in a flash. 

>> and that is just within the cities. what about those who live in rural areas? are they gonna stand any chance AT ALL?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cybercrime, huh? What's next? cyber rape?


Living in another country, I certainly have not been informed of any changes, nor new laws until facebook had decided to share; and it's viral.

There will be a 12-year imprisonment for cybercrime.

Then what are the grounds for it?

Libel (Ahahaha! If you find your name here, good luck proving it was meant for you.)

Hackers (well, my brother and i hacked the internet before everything was restructured. After that i was busy. I just used my own accounts, and didn't bother with anyone else.)

Pornographers (Yikes!)

Rumor Mongers (well, i posted researches. and there are NO NAMES HERE, only pseudo)

Cyber thieves (ahahahaha! really?)

Cyber Bullies (uh-oh. i'm a mean *****, and i can't even type it?!)

Irresponsible Journalists (well, i post no news, so..)

Plagiarists (whaa?? my right brain plagiarised who? my left brain?)

Stalkers (^^, sure. because i sit in front of my computer 24/7 with nothing to do *add sarcasm, please)

While most of it seemed reasonable, some of it seems a bit overrated.

Cyber-bullying? That's gonna cost 12 years of your life by calling someone a bitch?

Or Plagiarism in a mild form, say... sharing a photo on facebook from another page. THAT is 12 years? A friend mentioned that rape is sentenced up to 3 years. What the hell are these people thinking??

I probably would be called for it, as i am plagiarising ideas from a few friends, some journalists, some active protests, plus my own equals: plagiarised?

Stalking? Well, I stalk my father. So i'm gonna go to jail for stalking my own father? He was ill a few months back, so you can't blame his daughter for watching his every move.

Libel. As long as there are no names. Make no mistake of naming. But if the shoe fits. ^.~

As an old Filipino saying that goes, "bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magagalit"

Actual translation: Heaven has stones being thrown, don't get mad if you get hit.

As a proverb: Some things said are directed to nobody. If you think it's you, get over yourself (or something like that)

And now to wrap this all up. All these are gonna be implemented starting tomorrow, October 3. It is being called e-Martial Law.

Be that as it may, being abroad has its perks. We are not covered, unless we are at our motherland. But who knows? These people change their minds like teenage girls, with a wit of a kindergartener.

As one of the politicians kindly pointed out: Palgiarising cannot happen if you do not speak the same language. whatadouche.

Get back to me. This much I know. If being in another country protects me from this crap, I will gladly voice out what you want.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bitch is Back.

Hold on to your seats, ladies. The bitch is back.

I found myself with a new job (yay!) with better pay and shorter distance to where i live. My boss is nicer than expected, although the job is as challenging as ever.

But i think that was the reputation i built: i became known as the non-native teacher/ disciplinarian, adapting the American style of punishment (aka writing) together with my own. Corporal punishment is not acceptable even if the kids are starting to run amok with knives and guns at hand.

This woman had just found a new research material: Korean Kids with their low self esteem, and bullying.

watch out, people. the posts will just come out.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Controversial Rubber Jelly Bracelet

I'm sure if you live in Korea you've seen this worn by elementary school kids a couple months back. It was BIG. Madonna wore it. My favorite pop singer Pink wore it. Course the years passed and now it's within everybody's reach. Everybody had it. UNTIL an idiot from somewhere decided that it has some sexual connotations. Something like...

Black - the wearer will have regular "missionary" sex
Blue - indicates oral sex performed on a guy
Clear - indicates a willingness to do anything the snapper wants
Green - indicates that oral sex can be performed on a girl
Glittery Blue - is willing to perform anal sex
Glittery Clear - wearer will let the snappee "feel up" or touch any body part
Glittery Green - the wearer is willing to "69"
Glittery Pink - willing to "flash" a body part
Glittery Purple - willing to French kiss
Glittery Yellow - indicates kissing and hugging is acceptable
Yellow - wearer is willing to hug
Pink - wearer is willing to give a hickey
Orange - wearer is willing to kiss
Purple - wearer is willing to kiss a partner of either sex
Red - wearer is willing to perform a lap dance
White - wearer will flash what they have

The original purpose of these rubber jelly bracelets is for a cancer research. The simple design was created by an athlete named Lance Armstrong who is a cancer survivor himself, and the money that he was able to raise he donated to help fund a CANCER RESEARCH. But the bracelet got caught in the mainstream, and it became so popular it raised millions of dollars.

And since cancer is still not an easy disease to fight, and a cure is certainly not within the reach of mankind, these bracelets are helping fund a facility in order for out lives to get better.

Tsk, a person is smart, he will think. But people are dumb and panicky... and they just loove jumping on bandwagons.

Here's the link for those naive idiots who just jump on bandwagons.

Oh, i'm wearing black, simply because i ONLY wear black. And i don't care.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So, excuse my blog for being idle. For one, my recent research isn't related to anything social, rather educational. Soon as it's finished, i'd probably be back blogging about the nonsense of the world.

I am rather superstitious, but not to an extent. I really don't mind luck if it's along my way or not, but after about three weeks of nothing but UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, i came into a conclusion: it really isn't my luckiest times.

I now take the public transportation every morning. My husband's job is now in the mornings (from evenings) so he drops me at school and then leaves for the office. It's tough facing the rush hour.

From the most recent events...

An old woman (Ajumma) snapped at me (an understatement as it was humiliating) this morning. While i was waiting for the normal bus i take to go home after my morning class, she asked me WHICH BUS will go downtown. I'm fairly new when it comes to taking public transportation. I take the same bus all the time, and i know that it is the fastest route. I STILL don't know how to go to any point of Gwangju by bus without specific instructions.

She (Ajumma) was annoyed upset or whatever while telling me why the hell don't i have any idea how (With dagger looks and all)... *sigh*

This morning, while walking to the bus stop, i fell, and found my body FLAT on the road. There was a hole that i oversaw and landed exactly on my heel, and as we know balance will not be a friend when you're not expecting a hole...

I have scrapes on both knees, and a clot on my palm to show. It kinda looks funny in my head, but i really don't find any humor in it.

... which made me miss the bus, and had to wait ten minutes more.

For a week, I have been waking at 5 AM everyday... and i leave at 5:30!! I have to do everything in 5 minutes, bath in 10, and hair and make up in another 10. *sigh* i cannot hear my alarm.

I usually wear 8-11 cm heels. One night, when my husband wasn't able to pick me up from work, i had to take the bus again. There was this girl, she held out her leg, i almost tripped. I cursed, but what can i do? Thank Goodness i didn't trip.

That same night, the bus ALMOST left me. i was right in front of the door and the driver shut it close!! what a %*^$+@!!!! The same night i lost my bus card. The following morning, i was scrambling to buy a new one because if not, i'd be paying four times the usual amount without a bus card. i ended up paying half because all the stores around this friggin neighborhood didn't have bus cards. I went home, and found one near our residence.

My umbrella was raining from the inside. I have an umbrella. It's quite new, but last week, when it was raining cats and dogs, my umbrella rained from the inside. And just when i was about to get on the bus, the girl in front of my decided to shake the water of her umbrella.. SHOWERING ME MORE with rainwater! I was drenched, and my glasses were splattered, and i still had to pay for my bus fare. When i looked up she disappeared from the crowd, as the bus was full. Soaking wet and standing, i had to wait before i was able to wipe off water from my glasses.

Soon as i get into the office i found out that the teachers will have dinner together, and i wasn't informed. I didn't join. I wasn't equipped for a night of socializing.

You think it ends here? It has more!! And all of it in a span of three weeks, including a student who invited us for dinner and stood us up! *sigh*

CAn this week get even worse? Did you have a good week? Feel free to share so that i'd know my luck is with someone else.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh, ignore me... ^.^

i was actually working on a new post... entitled, to lust or not to lust, but then my music changed from my normal oldies and pop to OPM.

Excuse me, i'd rather sing. =)

it's been a while since i actually sang in my native language... AND BY GAWD it feels darn good!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

To Lust, or not to Lust? Does it really matter?

Warning: Not a research, just a mere point of view. Experience had taught me there are too many idiots out here, so react violently, you're an even bigger idiot than me.

My routine these days are complicated by my work schedules. It is impossible to get a life, it's a career. My children are growing up with the idea that momma is the one going out during the day and working, and their father goes out evenings instead.

PG 19 (in Korea, at least)

You get my drift? Being married for almost five years to the same man, it is not normal to not even look to the other side of the fence. Acting on it is almost unforgivable. Although there are certain degrees on how far it could go. (And suddenly, i am typing with tact?)

One of the reasons why i am wodering is this new series that is currently shown: I think it is entitled Spartacus. It just started last week, and i watched a fair number of episodes within the week. How Romans acted on their lust; the women buying gladiators for extra-marital affairs, taking all precautionary measures to ensure that their husbands will not get a whiff of what they're up to. The men desiring "slaves" even when their wives are watching. Strange.. i was watching polygamy on TV, and all i can think about is: So where did monogamy come from? If from the olden days, most men had a couple of wives, then why did people suddenly choose to become monogamous? Even the people from the time of Jesus Christ weren't exactly practicing fidelity.

Me being filled with questions? It means i will be looking for answers. Soon as time permits me, i know i would be sitting here in front of my computer, looking up some facts i could dig from the internet, because i know i am curious.

Last week, my husband asked me if i were sleeping with another man. You can imagine my shock as one: NO I HAVENT.



Maybe i am monogamous, maybe i am polygamous, i don't know. All i am sure is that i don't want to share.

okay.. okay.. too much information. i found myself intrigued... sleepy, and panicking with the amount of work i have to finish.

Au revior till we meet again.